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A Relationship Revolution & Spiritual Journey...


What could be better than that!  Entertainment that also makes your relationships better.  Really?  Come on now, that’s impossible!  Isn’t it?

The Ladies Talkshow podcast, with host, Leah Richeimer

Explore deep powerful relationship lessons with a track record of success – and the skeptical ladies who loudly disagree! Join our friendly skirmish as we learn ways to get closer to others, and to maximize our potentials as women, wives, and mothers. It’s lightyears beyond a reality show – it’s truly a relationship revolution for connecting deeply with others and it’s positively irresistible. Try it and see! P.S. Just so you know, everyone’s voice has been ‘chipmunked’ to maintain their anonymity – except for Leah & Sarit!

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Week 21

EP21: Playing Games In The Car

EP21: I Love You Even If I Don't Like Your Gifts

VIP EP21: I Hate My Husband's Gifts

Week 20

EP20: What Is Our Test

EP20: Have Your Husband Appreciate What You Accomplish During The Day

VIP EP20: Woman As The Receiver

Week 19

EP19: Corny, But It Works

EP19: What Women's Lib Got Wrong

VIP EP19: Increase Blessings In Your Life

Week 18

EP18: Take Responsibility For Your Happiness

EP18: My Blessing Bucket Is Overflowing

VIP EP18: What A Lucky Wife I Am

Week 17

EP17: Peace Trumps Everything!

EP17: Gift Giving Means Appreciation Giving

VIP EP17: Needing Our Husband Is A Protection For Peace Our Homes

Week 16

EP16: Recognize The Good And Go For The Peace

EP16: Letting Your Husband Off The Hook

VIP EP16: Women Desperately Need Their Husbands

Week 15

EP 15: Choose Peace

EP15: Make Yourself Vulnerable To Your Husband

VIP EP15: Eliciting Appreciation Strategy 4-6

Week 14

EP14: Your Husband's Negative Traits Can Be Positive

EP14: Surprises Are Magical Only In Hollywood

VIP EP14: Appreciation Is O2 For A Woman

Week 13

EP13: A Lofty But Spiritual Reality

EP13: Women Are Needier Than Men

VIP 13: Eliciting Appreciation Strategies 1-4

Week 12

EP12: Happily Ever After Is A Fantasy

EP12: Romance Novels Ruin Real Romance