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A Relationship Revolution & Spiritual Journey...


What could be better than that!  Entertainment that also makes your relationships better.  Really?  Come on now, that’s impossible!  Isn’t it?

The Ladies Talkshow podcast, with host, Leah Richeimer

Explore deep powerful relationship lessons with a track record of success – and the skeptical ladies who loudly disagree! Join our friendly skirmish as we learn ways to get closer to others, and to maximize our potentials as women, wives, and mothers. It’s lightyears beyond a reality show – it’s truly a relationship revolution for connecting deeply with others and it’s positively irresistible. Try it and see! P.S. Just so you know, everyone’s voice has been ‘chipmunked’ to maintain their anonymity – except for Leah & Sarit!

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Week 11

EP11: Everyone Can Change

EP11: Bump Up Your Marriage!

VIP EP11: Appreciate me!

Week 10

EP10: Grow Yourself As A Receiver

EP10: I Can Totally Relate

VIP 10: Appreciation Is Oxygen To Women

Week 9

EP09: Reshifing Your Want Into A Need

EP09: Our Actions Cause Cosmic Reaction

VIP EP09: Wants VS Needs

Week 8

EP08: Rebuffing Your Husband's Gifts

EP08: Maximize The Closeness

VIP EP08: A Big Blur Between Wants & Needs

Week 7

EP07: Connecting Not Controlling

EP07: Jump To Do You Husband's Wishes

VIP EP07: Getting Our Needs Met

Week 6

EP06: The Giver Receiver Dynamic

EP06: Not A Defective Husband

VIP EP06: Prioritize Your Husband

Week 5

EP05: We Can Only Change Ourselves

EP05: Husband As The Annoying Buzzing Bee

Week 4

EP04: Seismic Shift - My Husband Is My Priority

EP04: Can I Truly Love My Husband More Than My Children

VIP EP04: Follow The Will Of Your Husband

Week 3

EP03: It's All In My Hands

Ep03: Savor The Accomplishment

VIP EP03: Make Your Husband The Priority

Week 2

EP02: Insight + Action = Personal Growth

EP02: Dear Leah 2: How Independence Affects a Marriage

VIP EP03: The Governors Wife